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Our Mission

Our vision at Eleven/22 is to provide products, education and awareness of plant based alternatives. We're dedicated to supplying toxic free, plant based, and nutrient rich hair care, skin care, supplements and more. 



Here at Eleven/22 we are conscious and believe in mother nature and the power of plants. From the Ayurvedic inspired  formulas from across the world to the formulas passed down from my Mother, I started my journey into researching how to create a product line that was stable and vegan. Here at 11/22 we know and understand the importance of sharing and teaching our formulas, to help you learn, heal and grow. We try our best to make sure all our ingredients are ethically sourced. Most of our ingredients are organic, unrefined, eco-cert and always vegan. Our ingredients don’t contain synthetics, parabens, or other harsh chemicals that cause adverse effects.

 Vitality, authentic beauty and nature are what Eleven/22 stands for. We want you to adapt a healthy lifestyle to be a better you. Because our company is Green we ask that you recycle all of your containers as we do.

“ Coexist with the Earth’”

“Handcrafted with infinite Love”


- Annetta Waters

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